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Nalpak has been synonymous with Mysore from the time it was started three decades ago by an Entrepreneur Mr. R Venkatesh, son of late Ranga Rao of cycle brand agrabathies, since the beginning it has always stayed true to its motto “Everything in good taste”™. Not only do we take pride in our good taste, we also prepare our pure vegetarian food in an extremely hygienic environment and our team is known for its services with a smile. This is the secret mantra for our growth in the Heritage city of India Mysore.

Since the time we started our management team has also expanded with three dynamic partners joining the founder at different stages.

Team Nalpak has ambitious plan to have its food print in many well situated locations in and around Mysore, already having a firm market and vantage locations of its branches such as Kuvempunagar, Double Road, Vontikoppal Main Road and Dewan’s Road, the busiest road to growing extensions in Mysore.

Each individual in team Nalpak personally believes and follows to the last letter of the saying
“Atithi Devo Bhava”

Why the name Nalpak?


The emperor Nala was the greatest cook to walk this earth. He was redeemed by the God’s to serve as an ugly slave. His identity was lost and scarred beyond recognition to an extent where his wife could not identify her own husband. His cooking broke the redemption. He taught the world to love the art of making food. Parallel to this story the Nalpak of today serves food that is delicious. Nalpak, caters the changing cultural scenario in Mysore. Nalpak has created a niche segment as a family restaurant.

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